2019. Június 20., Csütörtök

Útvonal: Fesztiválok Hegyalja Me and Hegyalja Festival

Me and Hegyalja Festival

HegyaljaIt started when we went to the festival by hitchhiking. I got the festival mood in the car, because all the people in the car also went to Hegyalja. I was also very excited, because i hadn’t been to this festival yet and I didn’t really have accompany.

I mean close friends, but somehow I felt that I will find the people there to hang around with.

I arrived I made my tent and I stated to think about what should I drink, but the answer was easy. I was on tokaj hills, which is famous from the excellent wine. so I went back to the town from the camp, I accidentally met one of my friend and he showed me where I could buy local wine. We sat near the river Tisza with the wine, near the nature, in this little and beautiful town and finally I became calm again. I arrived.

After the wine we went back to the stages, because the concerts were about to start. First day was like Belga, Slayer and Coal chamber. That was what I chose. Belga always makes good parties, so it was a good start. This crazy men made this hilarious hip-hop with a great show what I always expect from them. After that the night became heavier because I visited the Slayer stage, where I picked up some chick. I took her to coal chamber then, because they were one of my old favourite and they reunioned recently, so it was a pleasure how they smashed  my brain with that insaine music. About the chick. She didn’t enjoy the concert that much, so I took her to my tent because it was a long first day. If you know, what I mean.


Next Day morning when I went for a shower from my tent I met with my another friend so he helped me out how the daytime works there. we grab some food in the town, like traditional Hungarian fast food lángos or langaló. It was really strange that I wasn’t hangover. I think that wine was there so good I didn’t feel any bad effect from that. My second thought was that we drank a lot of water with the wine, because we drank fröccs, which is wine mixed with sparkling water. That could help. After eating and resting a little we bought some fröccs and sat near the river again. I found a so good place there to sit out, we visited that place every day during the festival. We enjoyed the sunshining because the clouds usually shrouded the sun during the festival. the weather wasn’t the best the whole time. There was a little rain that day too. and it was enough to make the ground muddy, but we didn’t care, we went back to the concerts. The menu was Bouncing Souls, Fish!, Skindred, The Carbonfools and Irie Maffia. Fish! was perfect for daystarter concert. The Sun was still shining and they made this typical “feelgood” music, what I usually listened when I was a teenager boy skating on the square and there’s nothing to worry about. The big surprise for me was Skindred. They made this reggie, elektro, funky, metal fusion stuff and a crazy party with that. After that the Carbonfools were more like picking up girls party. So I met with a nice blonde girl there and she showed me her comfortable apartment. where we can have a rest after that long day. if you know what I mean.


The third day started just like the second. Get some fröccs, siting outtalking about music and girls and life and stuff. But it was great. We saw a nice blues concert called Little G. Weevil. That was clearly the music of high standard. Then Junkies punk-rock band, with there nihilist but excellent lyrics. after that late afternoon session we met a group from Szabatka who can freely enter the festival, because in every year they gave a few town that chance. They joined us and naturally there was few nice girls in that group which made the Kiscsillag and Nemjuci concert more enjoyable.


The last day was rainy unfortunately, and a bit sad too, because we all knew, it’s going to end in a short time. The mud was serious that day, but after I slipped and my clothes were muddy too I didn’t care. I saw Scooter, but I went to Akkezdet Phiai concert after a while. Then Dj Palotai made this last day party, where we waited the Sun coming up and we saw the end of the festival.

That’s all. It just happened. Many good concerts, many pretty girls, a lot of good wine. Thanks Hegyalja! I hope I will see you next year too!

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